Pain may seem like an inevitable part of everyone’s lives, but no one should suffer from it every day. Fortunately, pain relief is easier to achieve by going to a chiropractic clinic near you. More people are considering chiropractic care due to its proven track record of providing the best treatment strategies for your pain.

Your First Visit? What You can Expect from a Visit to a Chiropractor

While visiting a chiropractor may seem like a similar ordeal with any other doctor, there are particularly unique elements that you can only see in a chiropractic clinic. Before you go to a chiropractor in Brick, NJ, it helps to know what you can expect with your visit to lessen your anxiety over your appointment.

Understanding Your Needs

Typically, your first visit with a chiropractor will be all about establishing rapport with each other. This step is important in the part of your chiropractor, as this is his way of getting to know you and having a better understanding of your problem. On your part, meanwhile, you’ll get to know more of your chiropractor’s level of experience, making you confident of his ability to deal with your problem.

A routine physical examination will also be conducted during your first visit. Afterwards, your chiropractor will conduct another exam, this time focused on your spine. Your chiropractor may even take an X-ray of your spine to help him study the condition of your bones and check for any signs of wearing or anomalies in your spine. Findings from these exams will then be factored into a personalized treatment plan.

Actual Adjustments

After a treatment plan is developed, you will then undergo the actual adjustment. In a typical chiropractic adjustment, your chiropractor will place you in particular positions to treat the affected areas on your back. Your chiropractor will use his hands to apply force to a particular joint to push it beyond its usual range of motion. During the whole session, you’re lying face down on a padded chiropractic table.

These adjustments are often accompanied by other therapies, including the application of heat or ice and electrical stimulation. Once the adjustments are done, your chiropractor will often recommend changes in your lifestyle and diet, along with the intake of nutritional supplements, to make the treatment even more effective.

Some people, however, may experience some minor side effects after a chiropractic adjustment. These often include fatigue, headaches, and mild pain in the parts treated. Not to worry, though, for these will all subside after a few days.

You can also expect that you might need to visit your chiropractor more than once. Upon following their treatment plan, you’re bound to experience relief from any pain you’re experiencing.


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