There is no question that Andy Murray is one of the most gifted tennis players in the world. However, even the best players in the world can struggle to perform at their best when facing back pain. Such is the case when Murray was eliminated from the U.S. Open by Novak Djokovic, as reported by the New York Times:

“I tried to hang in as best I could in the fourth set,” Murray said. “But he appeared fresher than me. Whether he was or not, I don’t know. Maybe he does a better job of hiding it than me.”

After his Wimbledon title in 2013, Murray appeared set to challenge Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer for supremacy in the men’s game. Instead, he struggled with back pain and underwent what he described as minor back surgery late last year.

His ranking and consistency have slipped in 2014, and he arrived at Flushing Meadows seeded eighth. He had to fight through body cramps in his first-round victory over unseeded Robin Haase of the Netherlands.

Novac Djokovic Defeats Andy Murray to Reach US Open Semifinals
Back pain is a persistent problem throughout the country. In fact, it is the second most common reason for seeing a doctor, right behind upper respiratory tract infections (URTI).

For the most part, people resolve back pain issues through the use of painkillers. Unfortunately, this opens the door for dependency on the medication, as well as tolerance to its effects. For those looking for a more natural and holistic approach, chiropractic care is a viable alternative.

Chiropractic care focuses on problems plaguing the musculoskeletal system, meaning, back pain is right up the alley of a Brick, NJ chiropractor. A skilled chiropractor will readjust the position of the spine to allow the tissues surrounding it to heal properly at a faster rate. By getting to the root of the problem, back pain is actually treated rather than be put at bay.

Chiropractors are capable of more than just back pain. Other conditions that react well to chiropractic care include migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, and whiplash injuries.

Lingering pain can affect your everyday performance, be it at work, home, school, etc. Don’t let that happen and suffer. With the help of experienced chiropractors in Brick, NJ like Dr. Koziol and Dr. Flynn, you can say goodbye to back pain and hello to better overall performance.


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