Sciatica pain can be severe at times and make woking out seem like it will be impossible. Don’t give up, We have two tips that could help to back to making working out a regular routine and quick possibly pain free.

1.) Apply Heat Therapy Before Exercise

Heat therapy is a great way to possibly reduce pain during your workout routine. We recommend applying it 15 to 20 mins prior to your workout. Heat therapy works in a couple different ways. It can stimulate receptors in your body to and inhibit the pain signals that go to your brain. It can also stretch out some of the soft tissue that will result is decreasing some of the stiffness in your back and increase some flexibly by stretching the muscle the work around your spine. Applying the heat along with daily stretching can significantly reduce the pain along your sciatic nerve.

2.) Low Impact Physical Training

Running on hard pavement and other workouts like it can really effect the signals that get sent to  your sciatic nerve. Sometimes the shooting pain sent down your spine can almost seem paralyzing at times. So instead of going for a run on the hard pavement, biking up and down a rigid mouton trail we the alternatives and use machines like the elliptical machine and stationary bikes. Another great option can be swimming in the pool. You local gym will defiantly have these two machines and I’m sure if you take a good look you’ll some find where close with a nice pool.

We hope these two tips help you to continue your workout routines and not let your sciatic pain problems stop you from doing some of the things you love. If the pain continues please make sure to speak to your primary physician.