Chiropractor subluxation

There’s a good chance that you have never heard of the word “subluxation” before, but there is a good chance that you have experienced some of the symptoms they produce. In the chiropractic world, subluxations refer to the misalignment of the vertebrae in the spine. Chiropractors are well suited to diagnose and treat this issue. There may in fact be no better health professional to help you with this condition.

You may be wondering how your spine may have become misaligned, resulting in a subluxation,  and there are many ways this can happen. It could be as simple as wear and tear from everyday life or a specific injury. But no matter how your subluxation occurred, you are going to want to correct the issue quickly so it doesn’t further harm your health and mobility.

Lets discuss some of the symptoms of a vertebrae subluxation:


  • Headaches

When you’re experiencing a headache, your first thought may not be that this is happening due to a spinal issue. This is an area where chiropractors can be extremely effective. Headaches can occur due to pressure in the spine becuase of a vertebrae subluxation. When this misalignment occurs, pressure builds in the spine and travels all the way to the base of your head, resulting in a headache. Your chiropractor will be able to locate the misalignment, correct it, relieving the pressure associated with your headache.

  • Back or Neck Pain

Pain in the back or neck may perhaps be the most common symptom associated with a subluxation. Pain in the back and neck can range from severe to mild. Either way, this is your body letting you know that there is an abnormality along the spine and you should investigate the pain.

  • Difficulty Moving

Misalignments of the spine may be making it more difficult to move. If you are finding it more difficult to complete everyday tasks, that is a strong signal that something may be wrong. If you’re experiencing stiffness or lessened flexibility, this may also be a sign that the condition is getting worse. Unfortunately, many people experiencing these symptoms tend to avoid any physical activity, which can amplify the stiffness of the spine. The best choice would be to visit your chiropractor to correct the spinal misalignment and restore proper mobility.


When you visit your local chiropractor, he or she will want to manually examine your spine to locate the vertebrae subluxation, but they may also want x-rays to confirm the diagnosis. Not every chiropractor has onsite digital x-ray equipment, but here at the Back and Neck Center of Brick, we provide the latest diagnostic equipment to ensure an accurate diagnosis for our patients.

During the exam, your chiropractor may also check the alignment of your pelvis and other key joints to gain a better understanding of your spinal misalignment.

After a your chiropractor confirms the diagnosis, he or she my perform a gentle adjustment to correct the misalignment. Depending on your specific condition, your chiropractor may also recommend Cold Laser Therapy along with manual manipulation of the spine.

A vertebrae subluxation of the spine may cause both short and long term problems in your life. It’s important to address this condition in its early stages before the vertebrae becomes severely damaged and causes other long term health conditions. Your chiropractor is a master of the spine and is uniquely qualified to diagnose and treat this condition.

At the Back and Neck Center of Brick, we have diagnosed and treated thousands of vertebrae subluxations. This condition is highly treatable but unfortunately, many people rely on medicine to ease the symptoms. The natural methods of chiropractic care can realign your vertebrae subluxation and help you enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle!

Thanks for reading and be well!

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