October is National Chiropractic Health Month! What a perfect time to consider visiting your local chiropractor. Maybe you’ve been living with nagging aches and pains, or injuries that inhabit your ability to participate in the activities you’ve always loved.

When your body isn’t properly aligned, it can affect many areas of your life, and It’s more than just neck or back pain. You may be experiencing headaches, pins and needles, fatigue, chronic pain from past injuries and you may be relying on painkillers to get through your day.

But there’s good news! The Back and Neck Center of Brick can get you back up and running at optimum performance! Our team of chiropractors have been serving Brick, NJ for over 28 years and we are honored to have helped thousands of patients live healthier and more active lives.

With October being Chiropractic Health Month, this is the perfect time to review some reasons as to how chiropractic care may increase the quality of your life.


If you suffer from chronic headaches, you know just how debilitating they can be. The fact is, if you experience headaches on a regular basis, (1-3 times per week) something else may be the root cause. Did you know that misalignments in the neck or back can cause frequent headaches? Patients often report that headaches drop dramatically with consistent chiropractic care. A study from Duke University found that Chiropractic care may be more helpful than pain medications when treating chronic headaches.


When your body is in a constant state of war with aches and pains, it can really wear us down. It takes a lot of energy for the body to attempt to heal itself. This is why your exhausted when you have a cold or flu. The same is true for spinal and joint misalignments. Your body sees these issues as harmful, and it is making a significant effort to repair itself, as a result the body lives in a constant state of fatigue. Once you visit your chiropractor, her or she can adjust any misalignments, allowing your body to operate properly, therefore using less energy.



It’s widely known that sleeping is critical to your overall health. When you’re dealing with constant nagging pains, this can dramatically affect the quality of your sleep. You may be tossing and turning all night becuase you’re uncomfortable due to an injury or misalignment. So not only are you dealing with aches and pains, but now you are also going to experience all of the unpleasant symptoms associated with not getting enough sleep. You can see how these issues start stacking on top of one another quickly.



Unfortunately car accidents happen, and when they do, they often leave behind long lasting injuries. Depending on the king of impact you experience, you may be dealing with soft tissue injuries, joint misalignments, and maybe even whiplash. Visiting your chiropractor regularly can return the body’s muscles and bone structure back to normal, allowing those soft tissue injuries to properly heal.


Chiropractic treatment has been proven to help and assist the body’s immune system. As we mentioned earlier, when the body is in a constant state of pain, it can take a serious toll on your immune system. As a result, you may find yourself getting sick more often, and remaining sick longer. When your chiropractor aligns the spine and relieves any other musculoskeletal concerns, the immune system is no longer compromised and the body can function normally.


There may be nothing wrong with reaching for over the counter medications every now and then. But if your using medication regularly to deal with pain, you may want to try another method. Over time, medication can become a burden on your body in many ways. One of the biggest benefits of chiropractic care is that it is 100% natural treatment, and not habit forming.


Neck and back pain may perhaps be the most classic reason to visit your chiropractor. Chiropractors can be especially affective with treating these conditions. Chiropractors have many techniques for back and neck treatment, and most patients report that their neck or back pain dramatically reduced after visiting the chiropractor. Not only can your chiropractor reduce or eliminate your symptoms, but he or she will also diagnose and treat the root cause to help keep you out of pain.

We hope you learned something new today about chiropractic care. Though we listed 7 reasons to visit a chiropractor, there are dozens of other conditions your chiropractor could help with. As we mentioned in the beginning of this article, October is National Chiropractic Health Month! Be sure to spend some time tending to your spine, your body will thank you for it.

Thanks for reading and be well!

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