Neck pain is an extremely common body discomfort that affects virtually every person on this planet. The underlying causes of neck pain can be as simple as pinched nerves to something more severe, such as a herniated discs or serious strain caused by whiplash.


Neck pain can also be caused by infections, such as viral infection of the throat, which makes the lymph node swell, causing pain, as well as more serious diseases, such as the rare tuberculosis of the neck, neck bone infections, namely, osteomyelitis and septic discitis. Pain can also be traced to aching or ailing neck muscles, with conditions such as fibromyalgia topping the list.


Recurring neck pain is extremely troublesome. However, many people who decide to hold off on medications choose relief from their local Brick, NJ chiropractor, instead.   Chiropractic treatment essentially involves manual manipulation of joints and spinal vertebra to relieve pain and other musculoskeletal conditions. Dennis Thompson, Jr. of Everyday Health notes:

People experiencing neck pain often turn to chiropractic care for help. Some sweat by chiropractors, saying the work they perform not only relieves pain, but also often addresses the source of their aches, twinges, and throbs.

A chiropractor is trained to cure certain ills using non-surgical treatment procedures, which dates back to 1895. A man by the name of Daniel David Palmer today is widely recognized as the man who first declared that he could remove the cause of any and all disease merely by his hands—through the previously unknown method of spinal manipulation.

Palmer’s original technique has since been refined, and the highly calculated series of vertebral adjustments have been used effectively by any experienced and reputable chiropractor in Brick, NJ to treat his or her patients of back or neck pains, or pain from strenuous, repetitive labor or from injuries sustained in an accident.

Before proceeding with the treatment, the chiropractor conducts an overall evaluation of the patient’s spine, mainly because there’s a probability that other regions of the spine might be affected, as well. Afterwards, the chiropractor then devises an appropriate treatment plan.

A skilled chiropractor from a reputable facility, such as Back and Neck Center of Brick, LLC, use a combination of multiple techniques, one of these being the flexion-distraction technique, which involves a gentle, hands-on spinal manipulation with pumping action directly performed on the intervertebral disc. Several techniques may require the use of special instruments, but the procedure essentially entails a gentle, thrusting action applied on specific targeted points.

Along with movements focused on the joints, a chiropractor also performs therapeutic massages and trigger point therapy to both relax tense muscles, and relieve tight, painful sites on the body. With their medical training, experience, and skill, a chiropractor’s combined treatment plan of efficient diagnosis, physical therapy, chiropractic care, along with the latest chiropractic treatment technology, can effectively treat most musculoskeletal aches without the need for conventional surgery.


(Source: Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain,, May 7, 2009)