The Cold Laser is a non-heat-producing instrument that, when used properly by your chiropractor in Brick NJ, penetrates deeply through the skin and muscle tissue to help restore normal cell functioning. The treatment may be recommended for patients who have suffered an injury to soft tissues, repetitive stress (carpel tunnel, for example) and/or sports injuries.

Cold laser therapy, also called low-level laser treatment, can also be used to treat arthritis pain and range-of-motion limitations. The device has been successfully used alongside chiropractic therapy in certain instances to produce the best and fastest healing and pain relief for the patient.

Low-level laser treatment has been shown to speed up and augment the natural defense system of the body. It can also enhance the body’s repair capabilities and reduce swelling after an injury. In essence, the treatment can offer cellular damage control and help restore the patient’s loss of function.

Not only do tissues often heal quicker with the help of skilled and appropriate low-level laser therapy, patients may emerge stronger once fully healed. Better metabolism and increased circulation have all been reported post-treatment.

In my practice, the cold laser instrument is adjusted before each treatment session and set to the lowest specific wavelength known to be therapeutically beneficial for your specific condition.

Advantages of chiropractic cold laser therapy:

  • Painless treatment
  • Completely sterile
  • No undesirable side effects have been noted
  • More affordable and less invasive than surgical treatment
  • Cold laser therapy may be useful in treating: post-op or non-healing wounds, tendonitis, whiplash, autoimmune disease, arthritis,TMJ, scar tissue, nerve or spine injury, herniated disc, minor nerve damage and more.

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