Back pain. Sometimes it will sneak up on you like a fender-bender, jolting you from a state of pleasantness and ruining your good day. Other times it’s always there, like the unmotivated brother who’s crashing on your couch—it just won’t leave.

Everyone living with back pain knows how it can negatively affect the quality of their lives. And traditional medical treatments have their drawbacks: Drugs are expensive and the side effects can sometimes be worse than the pain. Surgery can put you out of commission for months.

But chiropractors can help by offering a variety of treatments to help people manage back pain:


Back Pain Treatment: Spinal Manipulation

A highly skilled Chiropractor will realign your spinal column to relieve pressure and eliminate your pain.

Nonsurgical Decompression Therapy for Back Pain

If your back pain has lasted longer than three months, your chiropractor may recommend nonsurgical decompression therapy. During a treatment session, a motorized traction device will be used to stretch your spine, which helps relieve pressure on your nerves and put your vertebrae back into their correct positions.

Because decompression therapy is used to treat back pain that has lingered for some time, several treatments are usually necessary, but most people find the results to be worth the time.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation for Back Pain

If your back pain is chronic, meaning it’s always there and maybe never fully going away, electrical muscle stimulation may provide the kind of relief that allows you to manage your pain on a day to day basis.

During treatment, small pads send soothing electric pulses into your body to stimulate the muscles and nerves in the problem area. The stimulation blocks pain and jump starts your body’s ability to produce its natural pain-blocking chemicals.

Many people living with chronic back pain use electrical muscle stimulation several times a week as an alternative to prescription pain medicine.

There are other treatment options available—laser therapy, infrared, ultrasound, traction included. Talk to your chiropractor today about which is right for you.

Don’t let back pain sneak up on you or stick around forever!