Many people see gardening as a chore, while others enjoy it as a peaceful, calming leisure activity. Both groups of people agree on one thing related to gardening – it can lead to back pain. Chiropractors in Brick see lots of gardening-related back pain each spring, when all the bending, reaching, stretching, pulling and twisting have begun anew. As local residents start getting their gardens back into shape or caring for lawns and flower beds, that until recently were buried under snow, back pain becomes an issue. Unfortunately, the body may not be ready for all these unfamiliar movements.


Back Pain Prevention

To avoid gardening aches and pains or injury, remember it’s like any form of exercise or body movement. Before gardening it’s important to warm up with a short walk. Stretch the muscles before working in the garden, especially early in the season when resuming gardening after several months. In addition to the back, also stretch the thighs and shoulders, and flex and bend the wrists. Change position at least every quarter hour when kneeling or sitting in the garden. Use care when lifting heavy objects. Lift with the legs to avoid excessive strain on back muscles. Lift the object close to the body and bend at the knees in order to keep the back vertical.

Back Pain Relief with Chiropractic

Chances are that all that digging, stooping, crouching and bending will still result in some minor discomfort the next day, until the body becomes accustomed to the new routine. If pain goes beyond minor, disrupts daily activities, or persists for more than a day or two, contact experienced chiropractors in Brick for advice, treatment and relief.