Besides being go-to treatment providers to improve lives and manage pain for local residents, chiropractors in Brick, NJ, and around the US also offer treatment to professional and talented amateur athletes. I was proud to see the chiropractic field well-represented among physicians at this year’s Olympic Games.

It’s not surprising that chiropractic is a routine part of the training schedule for many Olympic athletes. The long list of examples encompasses Olympians and Paralympians, including Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt. As just one highly-talented example, Bolt has commented that he utilizes chiropractic care on a regular basis and has been seen on camera receiving treatment. The practice is widely used among world-class athletes internationally at the highest levels to improve performance.

Chiropractors at the Olympics

In fact, over 100 chiropractic doctors from the United States and across North America went to London to treat team members at the 2012 Olympic Games. Athletes from Team USA weightlifting, wrestling, judo, volleyball and more, received treatment during the Games. Just like “everyday folks” these athletes have found that chiropractic treatment brings them better overall health, body function and pain relief when needed.

In addition to treatment at training venues during the Olympics, chiropractic services were made available at the Athlete’s Village as part of the Polyclinic medical center’s physical therapy section. Working alongside osteopaths and physical therapists, chiropractors helped competitors get prepared for what would be the pinnacle of achievement in their sport. I’m certain that helping individual athletes (and the USA) win medals was almost as gratifying, for most participating doctors, as their day-to-day hometown practice.

Next time you make an appointment with your favorite chiropractors in Brick NJ, remember that as a valued patient, you’re in good company!