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It’s common to think of a chiropractor when you’re in unbearable pain. But what if your body is giving you more subtle signs? If you are willing to pay attention, our bodies are communicating to us every day. Signs like headaches, back pain, limited range of motion, and many more, are all signals that a trip to your local chiropractor in Brick NJ may be in order.

Listed below are 8 common signals that may be of concern.

Limited Range of motion

If you start to notice that your arms and legs are not as flexible as they once were, this is a good indication that your range of motion has been compromised. One of the most important areas to evaluate is your neck. If you find that your neck turns further to one side than the other, that’s a hallmark sign that you should see your chiropractor.

The Soles of your Shoes wear differently

The uneven wear of your shoe sole is a highly overlooked signal that your alignment is off. Uneven wear on your shoes is a strong indicator that you are experiencing a subluxation in the spine, and it would be advised to visit your chiropractor for an adjustment to realign the spine. Ignoring this sign could result in chronic issues.

You live an active lifestyle

We’ve all heard that living an active lifestyle is a pillar of good health, and it’s true! But there are steps to take to insure that you can maintain your active lifestyle.

Living an active lifestyle can subject your body to additional pressure and friction, which can cause the spine to become misaligned. Depending on your workout regimine, you could experience slipped discs, pinched nerves, and other alignment issues.

Visiting your chiropractor should become just as important as time on the treadmill. Your Chiropractor can make sure that your body stays in optimal condition so you can achieve the results you’re looking for.

You have to sit for long periods of time for work

This day in age, most people are spending their work day hovered over a computer keyboard, which is detrimental to their posture.

Poor posture will create unwanted pressure on the back and neck, sometimes resulting in shifting bones and discs. An expert chiropractor can make sure that your spine is correctly aligned so you can avoid issues due to poor posture.

If you’d like to read more about the affects of prolonged sitting, read our article, “Sitting is the New Smoking”.


So many people suffer from chronic headaches. Unfortunately, the first line of defense is usually an over the counter pain reliever. If your headaches are chronic, you should investigate the root cause.

Your chiropractor can help relieve your headaches by gently adjusting your neck and spine. This will increase circulation/oxygen to the brain, resulting in less probability of a headache.

Chronic back pain

Back pain may be the most common signal that a visit to your chiropractor is in order. Back pain can be cause by a number of issues, such as, pinched nerves, slipped discs, misalignment, poor posture,  or sitting or standing for too long.  An expert chiropractor can diagnose and treat your back pain through the use of X-rays and gentle adjustments. A chiropractor can deliver the relief your seeking, without the use of surgery or pain medications.

Joint or muscle pain

Joint and muscle pain are among the most popular reasons to visit a chiropractor. If you’re experiencing painful or achy joints, your local chiropractic office is a great place to seek relief. An expert chiropractor is trained to make sure all the joints and muscles in the body are operating properly. If the doctor finds that there are issues with musculoskeletal alignments, he or she can apply gentle adjustments to restore blood flow to the affected area, resulting in better nerve conductivity to the joints and muscles.

You were involved in automobile accident

Being involved in an automobile or motorcycle accident can cause serious injuries. Here at the Back and Neck Center of Brick, we treat many types of automobile accident injuries. We suggest taking X-rays to get an accurate look inside to ensure the diagnosis and treatment are appropriate. After experiencing an accident, visiting your local chiropractor should be a top priority.


It’s easy to see what our bodies are trying to tell us if we pay attention. If you’re living with chronic pain, or you’d like to maintain an ache and pain free lifestyle, your chiropractor can become your biggest advocate. With an aligned spine and an overall nutrition plan, you’ll be ready to take on the world! If you live in Brick, NJ, or anywhere in Ocean County, and are in search of an experienced Chiropractic Office, the Back and Neck Center of Brick can help. We have been serving Ocean County for over 28 years!

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